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Technical Consulting

At Kims Marketing, we strongly emphasize the importance of technical support and the value it brings in achieving long-term operational goals for our customers. Given the position of our principal ExxonMobil as the technological leader of finished lubes, we seek to extend that competitive edge by pursuing excellence in our people in terms of technical knowledge and effective problem-solving. As the Marine and Offshore industry starts to integrate highly sophisticated equipments onboard their Offshore operations, we too need to meet these shifting demands by ensuring our customers uses the right lubricant, optimize lube-oil change frequency and experience zero-free hiccups in their operations.

Our main expertise in technical support includes the following :

  • Lubricant recommendation
  • On-board vessel survey
  • Creating of lube-oil chart
  • On-site problem solving
  • Trouble shooting
  • Follow-up inspections

The overall intent of the dedicated technical team is to help aid customers in achieving operational excellence through extended equipment life, extended oil life, reduced frequency of oil change. To find out more about how to improve your operations productivity, please contact us at :

Tel : (65) 6790 0100